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October 25, 2005


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I'd be very interested in the answer to number 3. This is an interesting topic, one I've wondered about because I used to be in charge of magazine orders at a library.

This month's Money was a free subscription trial issue for me, but I too found a lot of useful information in there. I had forgotten that they led the pack in your "study" ;) I might actually subscribe to this one...or ask for a 'scrip for xmas maybe.

A little background: I used to subscribe to Money and then it went downhill, so I switched to Kiplinger's. Then Money redesigned and Kiplinger's got stale. Now I have one issue left of Kiplinger's and just resubscribed to Money (because I got a two-for-$10-a-year-deal with Business 2.0). I tend to pick up copies of Smart Money here and there. I think BusinessWeek, Fortune and Forbes are also helpful at times, even if not strictly personal-finance-focused.

Money right now is the best personal-finance magazine, in my opinion. The redesign and topic categorizing was a smart move.

Where I differ is that I feel Smart Money is on the rise and Kiplinger's is sliding. I still think Smart Money is too stock-oriented, but Kiplinger's style and tone is too lax and condescending for my taste. I won't be resubscribing, but I'm sure I'll read it whenever possible.

Actually, I think the best thing going right now is the proliferation of personal-finace blogs. It's very interesting to see laymen's perspectives on personal-finance issues. (By the way, FMF, I borrowed the concept from your monthly magazine review for a personal magazine-idea checklist on my PF journal. I hope you don't mind...)

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