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October 25, 2005


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I highly agree that you have to share this information. My wife and I have joint accounts and all my income goes in to these accounts. Just yesterday, I reviewed our net worth charts and income vs expenses with her. I find that this helps keep our goals in plain sight and makes sure we are both reaching for the same things.

So what do you do if your spouse isn't that interested in tracking our personal finances and instead leaves it all up to you? I like handling our finances, so I'm happy to do it. But I feel like I'm always struggling to make our finances transparent to her because she's only interested in (a) whether we have enough money, and (b) whether we're staying out of debt. Suggestions?

As long as you and your spouse are einverstanden with your long-term money goals, I think it's okay for one spouse to "manage" the money if it suits their fancy (abilities).
You just don't want to be heading in polar directions simultaneously (or the wrong direction together!) or you'll notice rifts developing in your relationship.
From the tone of your (short) post, it seems your spouse is pretty reasonable with money - but doesn't like worrying about the details. That's probably okay. (Unless this really bothers you, then she might need to offer a bit more support)

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