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October 03, 2005


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Anyone happen to know when the fiscal year end is for most dealerships?

Good tips. Here's ten more (although there's overlap):

I think buying a new car is a mistake. Used cars are way cheaper.

Dan, that all depends on your perspective. If you're buying a car that holds its resale value and you drive your cars for a long time (I just replaced my 15 year old Accord) then buying a new car isn't all that different from buying used (pricewise) yet you get the full manufacturer warranty. When we bought our 2004 Honda Odyssey 18 months ago it actually cost MORE to buy a used on at CarMax. Two lessons there... First, CarMax may not be the best place to buy a used car. Second, cars by Honda, Toyota and the like hold their resale value so well that a new car can be had for barely more than a late model used.

Katama --

My guess is that every dealership is different. I found out the fiscal year of my dealership by simply asking my salesman. ;-)


I've found a major rip-off at most dealerships. After you've made the deal (new or used), you end up in a little office signing papers. One paper they try to slip through unnoticed is a loss-limiting fee. Basically, it's insurance for if the car is stolen from the lot. Yep- they are charging you for their insurance. It doesn't protect you against loss, just them, and just up to the time you buy it. You can decline this charge (usually a couple hundred $$'s), although they can be stubborn and you may have to be tough about it.

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