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November 18, 2005


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I'm definitely going to try some eventually. Your marketing tricks are working! lol.

I was in the supermarket with my girlfriend, and while in the ice cream section, I spotted Moose Track and said aloud "Ooh Moose Track Ice Cream!"

"What about them" the gf asked.

"Ah, well I havent try them yet.. but this guy that has this blog online, um, he works there."

yeah so she looked at me funny, but I'm going to grab one eventually during the next ice cream craving.

Ha! You crack me up!

Let me know what you think of it when you give it a try. ;-)

I positively love, love, love Moose Tracks! It is the best. And trust me, I am a real chocoholic (have been to chocolate weekends, chocholate cruises, been on taste tests, etc.) The strips of dark chocolate in their ice cream have the best flavor, even - dare I say - beating Ben & Jerry's!

Man, what do they pay you to make you say this? "Moose Tracks is vanilla ice cream filled with delicious, chewy chocolate fudge and mini peanut butter cups."

Who talks like this?

Frank/Anom (yep, I know who you are despite you not leaving your name) --

Try it and see if you don't break into the same sort of melodious tones. ;-)

I buy it all the time at Safeway, it is great !

Moose Tracks is one of my favorites - and the description is apt - but I gotta ask - when was it created or introduced? When I was a kid, all ice cream flavors were, well, simple and basic. It wasn't until the 1980s that I had ever heard of Moose Tracks.

Was there some sort of proliferation of flavors I missed?

Poor --

Check this out -- it may answer some of your questions:

I know... it's called an IP/cookie.

I like the ice cream, it ranks in my top 10 probably...

But being that your whole site is about cutting pennies from your budget... I am surprised you recommend buying Moose Tracks when you can just get 5 gallon generic tubs for less/ounce.

Frank --

Maybe. But you can't get indulgent ice cream (which many people like better) for less.

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