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November 10, 2005


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I didnt know where else to write this, but I would sincerly like to know as to why you deleted many of my comments supporting you and this site last nighyt...I'm not attacking you or challenging you, but If I did something wrong, I'd like to know about it so I could avoid it in the future.

Please respond......

I deleted them because you posted complete content/articles that belong to someone else -- and it appears you did so without their knowledge or permission. This is illegal.

If you want to leave your opinion, that's great. But if you copy a complete work from another site or simply include links to other sites (not that you did this latter one, I'm just adding it to be clear), I'll take those down.

Overall, I like your comments, so I hope you'll stick with that option. ;-)

Fair enough.......though I have to say that the things that were of my opinion got accidentaly deleted with the other things.....

Either way, thanks for responding, and letting me know your reasons. Honestly, I had no idea that it was illegal to do that.....I just went back to the website and just found that out, and now I'm trying to fix it. Guess that's what happens when you get so excited about a point of view that you forget to make sure you're goign about it the right way.

Even if the information given was referenced as to where it came from so it wouldn't appear as if one was trying to take credit for it. Again, thanks for alerting me to this.....


Yeah, the comments were about 90% article and 10% commentary, so I just deleted the whole thing rather than try and edit it.

You can use portions of a piece (I do that all the time) under fair use laws. In those cases, I quote the source and link to them too so people can read the whole article. It could be something you want to do as well if you have a site of your own.

As for being a commenter here, simply leaving your opinion is GREAT (the best option.) if you see an article somewhere that you think I should review, you can always email the link to it. Here's how to email me:

Or, if you want to write up something on your own on the topic of tithing, I have a standing offer to review/publish submitted pieces. you can get the details on this here:

I do hope you stay around and keep commenting. ;-)

Great site, which I will add as one my favourite blogs.

Any tips for a new blogger? How long did it take you before the site was able to generate any revenue for you?


Andy --


Here are some tips for a new blogger:

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