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November 02, 2005


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Nice going, FMF. It's great to see when virtue is rewarded. This format also signals better the effort involved in staying on top of the flood. As you said, there are good entries all the way through, so it encourages you to check through them all. Perhaps the only addition might be to add a few stars on those entries you particularly liked. However I think this is a great tradition to start. Thanks for ensuring my entry on graphic design got written up exactly as I would have wished. :)

Thank you so very much. I'm really enjoying reading these entries. Excellent job! (Forty two posts??) That has to be an all time record!

Great job on the Carnival! Thanks for putting up the reference to my podcast. By the way, you can listen on your computer too. You don't need an MP3 player or iPod. You subscribe on your PC and you can listen there or synch your portable (if you have one) and listen on the road.

User's choice!

Great job with the carny, thanks. For my part and that of my fellow blog writers, we wait to see what the best post of the week is... never more annoying to submit early something that's pretty good, just to then post something even better before the deadline.

Of course, NO procrastination involved whatsoever. Nosir.

Oh, is that ours that was listed LAST, at EXACTLY 6 pm?? >8-o


Wow. Thanks for the link, and comment. Much appreciated.

Thank you for hosting, very nice job!

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