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November 21, 2005


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Highly, HIGHLY recommend "The Millionaire Next Door". It's good common sense reading.

At a national level, support is normally provided via a range of ministries. Those concerned with education and science typically provide support for teaching and research functions within the tertiary sector, while those concerned with industry and technology support RTD&I activities within and between firms and deliver a range of services to them. In addition, ministries of finance operate RTD&I tax incentive schemes and ministries such as those concerned with health, defence, transport and the environment all finance RTD&I activities in support of their policy functions.

The Directorates General (DGs) of the European Commission are also responsible for the administration of many RTD&I activities which complement, in line with the principle of subsidiarity, the activities of the Member States. DG Research is primarily responsible for activities supported under the Framework Programmes for RTD&I. Historically these have mainly comprised support for applied or ‘pre-competitive’ collaborative research between the academic and industrial sectors, largely with the aim of boosting economic competitiveness. More recently, support for such work has been complemented by support for work with other socio-economic goals, and in the latest Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) a significant proportion of the available finance is being dedicated to activities capable of influencing the structure and organisation of scientific and technological resources within the Member States themselves. This is in line with the political drive to develop a European Research Area (ERA), an effort designed to maximise European Added Value (EAV) by moving away from a situation whereby the Framework Programmes merely provide another pot of funding for RTD&I and towards a scenario where this funding catalyses and shapes all other RTD&I activities in the EU: minimising duplication of effort, binding fragmented resources into critical masses and ensuring – via concerted efforts to benchmark and share policy relevant data and knowledge between the Member States – that collective efforts act in the collective good.

Other Directorates such as DG Information Society and DG Enterprise also support RTD&I activities within the context of the Framework Programmes: the former


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