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November 01, 2005


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I have never been tested for great amounts, but I think it would be a lot. I have two dogs and you cant deny their loyalty.

They are worth their investment, they provide so much joy and it is not dependant on their mood. As long as you feed them and show them love, nothing else matters.

I think what is more important is to save the lives of your pets the amount does not matter so much because what is more important is to save their lives. We have two pet dogs - a Chiuaua and a poodle. One time our poodle pet dog started to vomit and she could not eat so we sent her to a veterinarian and was confined in a pet's hospital and we paid P400.00 @ day, after two days she was back and very much alive. Our pet dogs are really therapeutic, they provide us with joys and they are very glad to see us every time we arrive from office. Indeed, they are really men's best friend, they make you happy when you are sad and melancholy. Before we had our chiuaua stud and she gave birth to four siblings but only three survive and we were able to sell them and provide us with extra income. However, for our poodle sad to say she did not become pregnant after the stud but the veterinarian said that she is willing to stud our pet dog for free because we have to pay P 1,500.00 per stud. What I really like from pet dogs is that their love is unconditional, they love you for what you are and they are a great pals too and companion if you are alone in your house. Money is not a question as long as you can save the lives of your pets.

I'm with you, FMF. I have 4 cats, and I love 'em and all, but elevating them to the level of actual human children? Give me a break. I mean, the life of a pet is precious and all, but if it's my kid or my cat, sorry kitty! Assigning a dollar limit is...I don't know...a little strange. It's not the point really. Some people may feel they need their pet to survive (lowering stress and whatnot) but if that's true, a new, healthy pet will actually be preferable. And it's not like you're running a zoo to prevent cats or dogs from going extinct. We already have zoos for that sort of thing; contribute to them instead! I care about saving my pets...but spending thousands to extend their life another year or so while the poor things suffer on in pain? Blech. Each case is different, but when it gets beyond a few hundred bucks, you should consider if you're just delaying the inevitable. They only live so long, you know. If you have a pet, you sign up for getting attached to something that dies long before you do. If you can't handle putting it to sleep when it gets heartworm then maybe you shouldn't have got a pet in the first place.

I'm also realistic about what I would spend to cure any ailments. I have heard horror stories from other pet owners about spending thousands on care. Even though my dog has several years (hopefully) before this begins to be a concern,

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