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November 03, 2005


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This is ENTIRELY misleading on so many levels -especially this statement "Only 23.5 percent of millionaires own new cars." Having worked for a few millionaires I can personally vouch that you are correct; millionaires don't buy their cars, they have their companies do it for them.

The last 6 millionaire executives I worked around had company Lexus, Mercedes and other vehicles assigned to them: BRAND NEW. Often the vehicles are leased but others choose to buy.

Rich Slick,

The information came from the book, which is an interview with many millionaires. I guess your personal experience is different in this case, but overall I'd expect the book to be accurate.

Rich -- Yep, what Jon said.

Read the book and you'll find out that the high-flying millionaires you describe are not the average millionaire.

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