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November 24, 2005


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FMF: I must be brutally honest. This post is self-serving pandering to advertisers. I had expected better from you.

THC --

Part of the service I offer readers of this blog is to recommend products and services I believe thay would want that are in-line with the topic (money). If I was pandering, I would list links to items of much higher value: iPods, George Foreman grills, computers, electronic cameras, etc. But I'm not.

That said, I may link to those items at some point -- it's at my discretion what I I want to list and what I don't.

And before you get too "holier than thou", please re-read the section talking about my two-part ad policy:

1) I only recommend products I use/believe in. (in other words, I don't just put anything up here. I use or know of close friends/family who use and like the items I recommend).

2) All profits go to charity. (Actually, it's all REVENUES at this point. I pay for all blogging expenses myself and every penny of every ad, click, link, etc. that earns anything is given to charity.)

It can be found at .

Finally, all this is in addition to the $5,000+ I personally donated to Hurricane relief this fall (plus anoth $5,000 I helped raise). See .

I'll take a lot of criticism (and much of it justified in the spirit of blogging debate) on my personal financial opinions and viewpoints, but I do not take kindly to questions of my integrity or insinuations that I am misleading people for personal financial gain.


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