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November 26, 2005


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How about a coin sorter? I got one last christmas and can't imagine not having one.

I would personally reiterate the recommendation to give "The Millionaire Next Door" as a gift this Christmas. I'd also recommend giving "The World is Flat" as a gift to the same people.

By giving these two books to your friends and family (assuming they actually read them) you will accomplish two things. By having them read TWIF, you'll create a sense of urgency to act. (Our society is going global and people better start preparing for it by being smarter with their money). Once they've read that book, they should read TMND. This will give them a new insight in to money management and help them start down a path of financial intelligence.


I just signed up with ING where I yield a 3.5%. Do you know the difference in quality and customer care between ING and Emigrant direct?

I loved millionaire next door and right now I'm working on Charles Munger's book, Poor Charlies Almanac. Not a bad read.

I am also working on developing a website that offers real customer reviews on debt consolidation companies. It is just so hard to cut past the marketing and find out which companies are really the most helpful. Do you have any suggestions?

You BETTER get good customer care from ING -- you're paying for it!!! (0.5%)

Personally, my dealings with ED have been great. I've read commentaries on pros and cons of ED, ING, HBSC, etc., so I believe much of it is personal opinion.

As far as debt consolidation goes, I am not in favor of it in most cases. My experience is that it's undertaken by people who want an easy way out of their financial troubles. So they get a consolidation loan and owe less each month, but haven't changed their ways. As such, they continue to spend like wild and get into worse debt than before.

Good idea on the coin sorter! I have two. One's 9 and the other is 7. ;-)

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