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November 07, 2005


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It has been my experience that kids can either stay focused or hurry up. I've been told that this has to do with the stages of brain development. Kids can't multitask and prioritize the way adults do. As a result, they can't judge the amount of work left as well as an adult, and their only way of doing the next thing is to work their way through the list sequentially.

My wife and I deal with this by taking the responsibility for watching the clock for our kids. Then we have created a reliable morning routine for them. We've built our routine around it and we hand off the kids as we go. We did it by breaking up tasks as we went along.

A short example would be the kids' lunches. Since I'm the first out of bed in the morning to feed the cats, I make the sandwiches. We discovered that I was usually finishing that just as my wife and older son arrive in the kitchen. At that point, I hand off the lunches to her. She assembles the rest of the items while I wake our younger son and shave. Usually, finding the lunchboxes requires the kids. I end up putting lunches into lunchboxes if my wife hasn't found them.

Wow! 3-4 trips to the store a week? think about how much money you're wasting too. It took me a while but I have finally trained my DH to not run to the store for every little thing.
We keep a running list. When we get low or run out, it goes on the list. I am responsible for getting everything on the list on my weekly shopping day. And the two point kicker to this plan is......
1. If it ain't on the list, I dont get it.
2. If we ain't got it, we do without until next week.

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