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November 29, 2005


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I subscribe to all those too
and yes, Money is #1, then Kips, and smart money is crap

I don't think it means that you are wasting your time and/or money on Smart Money. It just means that the return (number of useful articles) on your investment (subscription cost) is different.

Different can still bring value, though, and I would look at it from that point of view before throwing it out.

This pretty much follows what I've always thought about the three magazines.

I subscribed to both Smart Money and Money for a couple years (I've never read Kiplingers), and I agree with this assessment.

Smart Money always seems to focus too much on stock picking articles for my liking. Money seems to offer generally valuable suggestions, as long as you know which articles to ignore.

However like most magazines, I have found that if I save Money for a year, I can usually reread it and get about as much value out of 1-year-old magazines as the new ones :)

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