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December 06, 2005


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My in-laws retired down to Mexico and while everything he says above is true, there are also some other serious issues to consider.

For example, my FIL has gotten an amoeba. Twice. And after they came to visit our first child when she was three months old, they had to call us a bit later and say, "Oh, whoops, we may have exposed your baby to typhoid."

Mind you, they don't live in some wild outback -- they live in an established expat community in Aijijic.

Additionally, they have quite a bit of trouble with people breaking into their home fairly often. They finally had to put razor wire at the top of the walls around their house.

You get the picture. But even given all that, they're pretty happy down there and aren't moving any time soon. Your
mileage may vary.

Greetings from China. Yes, there are risks to retire abroad in a developing country. I think I'd do it as long as there was first world health care very close by.

I'd also like to ask, why not take it a step further..instead of retiring overseas, why not spend your working years overseas on a nice expat package, save more money and retire earlier? You may be able to save enough to retire in your home country. This is definitely my plan working/living in Hong Kong where income taxes are low and there are no capital gains taxes!


I am an unskilled worker earning my state minimum wage. Are there other countries to which I could relocate and work and enjoy a better standard of living?

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