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December 08, 2005


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and, when you visit Guadalajara, don't forget to breathe in a little of that polluted,smog filled air. Uh-Oh!--no catalytic converters required. What is that yellow tinge in the air? Oh, they're burning the sugar cane fields again!!Yummy. How about that litter? Is it because Mexicans believe throwing their trash on the street makes a job for someone else? Check out the trash bordering the lake.And which of the affiliations is the most popular abong the expats there? A.A. I could go on. Third world is third world no matter how nice the natives are and how inexpensive living is. The answer isn't easy.

I need to start living and i keep on slipping up how can i get a financal break through and how do i go about to have no debt

I've been to Guadalajara and I agree with ron swieciki. The air pollution is horrible. And people in Mexico litter like it's normal. I've seen this in other 3rd world countries, too. But Mexico is worse than average. When will they clean up their pollution????

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