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December 12, 2005


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Yes on the pet insurance. I had a cat get very sick a few years ago. I ended up having her put down when the treatment options were getting more and more expensive and less likely to succeed. That was about $1500 in vet bills. I would've spent more if the vets thought there was a high likelihood that the treatments would've succeeded, but it was clearly a longshot. Also, she was refusing food and wouldn't keep down what I could force feed her and it seemed clear to me that she was really suffering her last week.

My cats are from shelters, and healthy cats are euthanized every week because there isn't space. So partly I felt that it would be a better decision to give a healthy cat a few years of the good life than to try to keep this cat alive at all costs. But I made myself promise to get pet insurance for my next cat. It's $110 per year, and it will mostly take money out of the equation should anything happen to the cat I have now. For me, it was scary, harsh, and exhausting to have to think about money when my first cat was sick - especially as I was in a terrible emotional state from facing her possible death and being up all night to feed and medicate her.

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