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December 08, 2005


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FMF: I am the same boat as you. Most of my net worth increase is now driven by portfolio returns. It makes it so difficult to set goals.

Great results in the past couple of years. But it could easily be argued that you gave more away when you were doing better, not that you were doing better because you gave more away. Regardless, glad things are going well, and that you've been doing your part in terms of charity.

Oh, and if it's a bad year for the market, just keep doing what you're doing. You may underperform this year, but you'll be buying low and setting yourself up for the future.

Nickel --

Think about it: My NET WORTH went up substantially in the years that I gave more, not my INCOME (which is what I give from).

There's no doubt to me that giving opens up the door to financial gains. I suggest everyone reading this try it and see what happens.


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