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December 13, 2005


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Wow! Thanks for your post. Your post really remind me that now is almost the end of the year 2005. It is time to set some goal for next year. What I want achieve next year? Healthier? Make some money? Or Start a business? Maybe I should take out my notepad and write down my goal now. Anyway, thank you for your post. (I'm a big fan of your blog!)

$5000 from blogging? How do you do that?

Jeremy --

I haven't yet -- but if this blog keeps growing like it has been so far, I should be in that ballpark by the end of next year.


Ryan -- That's a great idea! Thanks!

That's a great idea! Thanks!

This is exactly what I am looking to do right now.. there is not need to have only one stream of income coming in..

How d you get the freelance job? I'd like to write personal finance article for money too :-)

Ha! :-)

I started writing years ago -- writing for free -- then slowly worked my way up to better and better paying gigs. It takes time, lots of effort, and some luck.

I am posting this because you said you are open to looking at additional methods of making money....

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If you chose, you can be totally passive and do no additional marketing, by just utilizing their Traffic Paks
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This is quite possibly the information you have been waiting for.

It certainly was for me. I'm a WAHM. A Mom with two young boys. Life is very busy and I certainly do not
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Tracey Anne

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Hope that helps...

I don't knw if u have reached ur goal of $10K's. i have been trying the same for some time now.

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