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December 29, 2005


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$1.1 to $1.4 million might sound like a lot now, but assuming a 4% rate of inflation it will be worth about 1/4 of its present value in 30 years. Probably not enough to retire on.

I am very very determined to be a young millionaire within 5 years but do not have the necissary capital to help me. I am very confident that I will suceed. I only need the opportunity. I dont think saving my salary over 30-40 years is the way I want to go. work hard.

I agree that the principal and model for a business (online or offline) can be simple, but perseverance and a positive attitude are critical.


Nice post once again. Your site makes things very easy for anyone to understand.

You had better hope that your stock market salesperson is All-knowing. Last time I looked, there is ONLY One; and, that person isn't you. If you just inherited some money, and don't want to loose it, do what I did: I prayed that the Almighty Show me where to invest it, and then Show me when to un-invest it (so I could have it to use). The ONLY Time I lost money, was when I invested it per the instruction of the stock salesman. Since that time, however, my life has 'evolved' to total reliance upon my maker...he supplies ALL my needs.

Saving 500 a month from your income is not easy. Depending on your salary

Even the very thought that getting richer is simple enriches one and all...thanks

Pretty solid advice. If a person can't save $500/mo there's something seriously wrong!

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