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December 27, 2005


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How Can A Person That has had a very poor credit score All There Life borrow/loan or even make $5,000.00 Cash without having to put any money into it to get started with......I Have The means To Invest the funds in If I just Had away to get my hands on 5 grand......and if It was A Loan That Was not to much in Intrest rate I Could Pay the Money back in About 2 months from the time I got the loan,And It Would Realy Be Nice If I Could Get My Hands On the 5 GRAND as soon as I Could.........Ronald

Funny you should mention me! I know that it's a hotly contested subject, but I believe that the "average Joe" (as opposed to me - The Average Joe) can do quite well investing in individual stocks. Mutual funds and their poor performance (which are usually brought up when people talk about trying to beat the market) are so large and under so much regulation that, for them, beating the market really is much harder than for the average individual.

I know that, at the very least, The Motley Fool is on my side on this one (, but if there's anyone reading this that would like to diversify some of their assets into individual stocks, check out my site as well ( for some tips on how to find good performing, value-oriented stocks.


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