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December 27, 2005


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I agree with these three points. We also shouldn't overlook picking the right name.

The name of your blog is perfect for the topics you cover. It takes a couple of months to get Google and Yahoo to index you (maybe less with your posting pace)but when they do you want your blog's name to be descriptive.

I learned that lesson with my first blog. I posted under my name and it was hard work attracting vistitors. My new blogs attracted three times the amount of traffic in the first month - mainly because they are named correctly. The name has to be related to what you write about.

I continue to enjoy this blog. It is one of my "must reads" each and every day.

Happy Hoidays!


"We also shouldn't overlook picking the right name."

You're the perfect set-up man. Wait for my post tomorrow. ;-)

"Wait for my post tomorrow."

Now I don't have to! ;)

Probably jumping ahead here, but never forget about getting the word out about your blog...never going to have visitors if they don't know that you exist.

Good series of posts, have you also been to

Excellent series of articles.

Yep, I read Darren's stuff every day. GREAT site.

These three points are basic to blogging. Throw in passion for excellence and you are a winner every day.

You seem to do a great job on all three counts. Good job!

Fantastic points! I also wonder how much time you would have taken to reach to 100,000 visiters. It also matters, isn't it?

Agree with mesoinfo. Passion towards to your niche subject makes all the difference.

vkn - a regular reader of your posts.

I'm just staring out with my blog - about a week in. Thank you for the step by step instruction. What you said about the simple things not being so simple when you are starting out is quite true. Thank you so much!

Is SEO a helping tool or not in the promotion of blog or for the targeting visitors to the blog??

I'm not sure my blog is something I write because I'm passionate about or because I'm ball-and-chained to (haha). Hopefully people will read it if it's interesting to them, or helps them help themself. I'm not expecting to make a profit.

Unless you're doing it for profit, not passion, why spend time on SEO?

Lovely content and adequately written

Passion for and knowledge of your chosen topic are by far the most important ingredients for a successful blog. Couldn't agree more.

I agree... I've recently started writing a blog myself and the only way that you can keep up with it is by writing about something that you like. I view it as a hobby (although my wife sometimes views at as a nuisance... :-)

PS - I emailed FMF and he was very informative and kind in his advice to a budding blogger!

I'm really trying to hit 100,000 a month if i can do that I'll be happy.

Thanks for the tips! I am reading these, and I hope they will help me out with my new blog about SEC Sports. Different topic to be sure, but I'm sure the same tips apply. And I promise I will never publish content from Marotta Asset Management :)

Thanks for the advise. I wish this will help me.

This is really a nice advice to all who wants to be successful in blogging. I am now in 4th month of blogging however i didn't have a unique topic where people look again. i was turn down by google adsense but it's ok i know just like you i will succeed then too in blogging.kudos to you! and God bless!!!

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