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December 28, 2005


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I didn't follow exactly these rules -- perhaps my site would be more successful if I had.

I'm not sure if I followed these rules or not. I guess it should be apparent that my site is about money. And I used the url interchangeably with the site name.

I spent a lot of time before I came up with Freedom and Whisky. Even using the correct (Scottish!) spelling of our national drink hasn't done too much harm. Several US blogrolls refer to Freedom and Whiskey (sic) but get the URL correct, thank goodness.

You da man! You read my mind.

I just sent you a trackback from this entry:

And it didn't show up here. Any idea why?

Not sure. Maybe Typepad doesn't like you. ;-)

Whats a trackback?

I'm changing the name of my blog now from Yinkling to something else...

Agree again with this one... it's very hard to find a name that isn't already taken that is also short yet somewhat descriptive. I use a .net domain because the .com alternative wanted like $1,000 for the name.

What software do you use for blogging? Is it a blog service?

R --

I use Typepad. Details at

Hi all,

my friend told me about this forum so i decided to sign up.

hopefully i can participate in some lively discussions here!

looking forward to talking to you all. :)

thanks for the post man its really great i look forward to reading more.Being a blogger an at a beginning stage this will help me because im not getting no traffic at all.

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