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December 29, 2005


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Hi, I followed you over here from ProBlogger...great post :) I'm looking for #2 in this series, and thought you might want to link to the whole series from each post. That would make it a lot easier to follow.

Just a thought, and thanks for sharing your ideas.

I'm posting on it right now. The best option to read all posts in this subject area is to see the special section I've created on the left-hand side of the blog. It has a link for every post in this series. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hey, the trackback from:

Failed on this one, too. It only worked for post #1 in this series.

I agree - my tagline has really helped my blog. The tagline is "All About Dogs". I use this as the description when listing the blog on dog sites too, and I get a lot of traffic, I think because it is a little mysterious and is short and to the point.

Cool site!

Hey, have you read my "pets" posts? You can find them here:


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