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December 30, 2005


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Some of the bulleted points about retirees needing life insurance make no sense to me. How's life insurance going to help with health care expenses?

Why does a retiree have a business partner who's buying another retiree out? Contradicts the definition of "retired".

If you're single, there's no need to have life insurance to cover a mortgage -- the value of the property should cover that when your estate is settled. Are people who buy reverse mortgages required to buy life insurance?

In the end, the need for life insurance derives only from whether or not you have dependents to provide for. And that is true whether retired or not. I'm not retired and have at least a decade to go, and being without dependents would not have life insurance except for the fact that my employer provides it -- over my objections. I'd rather they didn't since I have to pay tax on the imputed premiums, but that's another topic.

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