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December 11, 2005


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I stopped reading at "God owns everything." I like how your "proper perspective on money" involves someone who you can't see or touch.

Next time, get in touch with reality. You may as well be talking about the tooth fairy.

Marty --

If you have something constructive to add to the conversation here, then that's fine. I'm all about discussing financial issues from all different perspectives. But I'm not going to take comments from someone who clearly has no purpose here but to be mean and spiteful. I just don't need that in my life nor do I want to subject my readers to it.

This article is very helpful to me as a Christian school teacher who is teaching Consumer Math in light of our responsibility as stewards. God most certainly owns everything. Straight from the Bible.

My problem is that my sister prays to god for everything rather than cutting back on spending and/or getting a second job to pay her bills. She is 40+ years old and can't figure out how to pay her debts, save money, or be financially responsible in any way. She has no retirement, no health insurance for her or her child, and $0.00 in the bank. I've talked to her many times about all of these things, but she doesn't listen to me or take any action other than going to church and praying for help from god.

BTW, I'm not against religion or anyone believing what they want, but this is a very unhealthy outlook on life and religion IMHO. And why has god has done so much for me while I have not spoken to him?

Special Ed, I believe that the reason your sister is in financial upheavel and that you are financially secure is simply the fact that you have used the tools necessary to achieve this and God has blessed you for that, while your sister has shirked her responsibilities and put it all God's lap. I used to think that all you had to do was have faith and everything would be allright, but it is written faith without works is dead. I learned the hard way that unless you use the tools that God has given you your faith is meaningless.

It is sad there are some people who in this day & age their logic still tells them everything you see came from what was seen. Because of this, they cant believe earth was created from unseen to the seen. Due to this poor logic, they wont accept God is the creator & owner of everyting including our lives in totality (incl wealth). Believing earth just formed by itself from natural gases & processes with no one controling & organising it, lead one to believe that therefore life has no purpose. What a sad, directionless & boring life to live. If you believe you were created, it will make sense that a manufacturer first identify a need, a purpose & then design (create) a product to meet that need. God saw a need for creating earth & after its creation, saw a purpose/need for human beings on it, & created them. So, if we can just get these two facts & live according to them - He is the Creator of heaven & earth; & therefore Owns everything in it including human beings.

Everything in this mundane world including the universe, the galaxy and the milky way is God's creation, hence he owns everything. What then is our role in this world? We have to take note that God created man in His own image, in His image he created man. We must therefore be good stewards of God's creation since the wrong and neglectful usage of God's creation will redound similar to those as mentioned in the parables of talent. God is wealthy, abundant, rich and prosperous that is why He created everything that includes money. This is the reason why to be poor is a sin because that is contrary to what God wants us to be that is to be rich, healthy, wealthy, productive and affluent as He is. Other authors would say that the only way we can help the poor is to become not one of them but after summing up all the ways to having a productive and rich life the only ultimate goal of man is to be merciful and help the poor, the destitute and needy. We are presently in this temporal world, we are but a shadow passing through so the best that we can do is to make our lives productive, help the needy and strive to be happy. The universe as what the scientist have finally resolved is made up of vast waves of energy going and passing through. We are but part of this great wave of energy as created by God whether we will be part of this energy in the form of light or darkness remains a great question for us to pursue. If we resolve to use our energies to productive use then that is in alignment of what God wants us to be, on the contrary, if we use our energies in the dark sides of life then that will cause more harm to society rather than helping it. The choice is for us to make.

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