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January 23, 2006


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Since Blogspot doesn't support trackback (yes, I know, get a better Blog site), I have linked to you on this one and have added my own little rant to it. WOW!


I haven't paid an ATM fee in years.

Whenever I am in the drug store or supermarket and make a purchase with my ATM card, I just get extra cash at NO COST!

Me too. It seems like a no-brainer! What a pile of wasted money!

What's the difference between paying a few bucks in an ATM and spending half an hour going to a fee-free ATM? The hassel is worth it to me. Don't look down your nose at everyone.

1. How about planning ahead and not paying anything?

2. It doesn't matter to me if you want to spend $4.3 billion on nothing -- it just seems like a bad idea and I certainly wouldn't do it.

Who cares about this? It's a couple dollars once or twice a month. "Paying to get your own money" is one way of putting it, however, how about "Only charging you $1 to have instant access to your FDIC insured cash at almost anywhere in the US via thousands of little computers." I'd say it's a fair deal. And even if it's not, we're talking $100 a year max here. I'll gladly pay that much to not have to stress about finding my bank's ATM every time I need cash.

Love the blog, btw.

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