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January 19, 2006


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It is indeed a sad day when a recommendation has to made to use a professional tax preparer because our tax laws have become so complex.

As a matter of principal, I prepare and file my own taxes. I am as honest as I know how to be based on the jumbled tax code and multiple forms that have to be filled out. I have chosen not to be intimidated into paying to have my taxes done for me. If I get audited, I have nothing to hide. I may make an honest mistake here and there, but studies have shown that rarely do two professional tax preparers come to the same numbers either.

As a side note, I am not sure a spokesman from H&R Block is the best person to recommend I get my taxes prepared professionally, considering this is the service he sells. It just seems like of bit of a conflict of interest to me.

Ha! A conflict of interest? You think?

I used to do my own taxes as well, but now let someone do them for me. I think they save me more than what I pay them plus I save 30-40 hours of time (and frustration!). It's an investment well worth it to me.

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