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January 22, 2006


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I find it odd that none of your mentions of Christian investing discusses the morality of the investments you make. I don't think that it is important to use the bible to decide investing strategies. However, I think that the bible has much to say about supporting immoral companies. Investing in Altria may be a good dividend play, but I can't make money from something that causes death. Other companies, such as Caterpillar or pay-day loan companies, may operate in gray areas. With these companies, it is up to you, during your stock research to decide if the moral line has been crossed. In the end, Christian investing is about finding companies and ventures that don't violate your values, not investing strategies.

Good to find this site. There isnt all that much on out there on the relationship of our faith to business.


My new site, and newsletter provides investment information that tries to be cosistent with Biblical principles. My goal is to be salt and light and help others do the same through investing. Christians could impact the world this way if we would act in unity. TF

I how do i join you

Do you mean how do you subscribe to this blog?

This just goes to Prove the saying " can Prove Anything with a misquote/misuse of the Bible". If YOU want to know how to survive without cash, day-to-day, you Have to be Realistic...Not as the World Sees it; but, as Christ said it. The Short-cut Is: 1.Give it all away; and then 2.Ask the Father to show you/support your needs; and then 3.Wait for His directions to you. It is easier if you First learn as a child, how to wait on Him; and, how to take orders (obey) from Him. This Proceedure has Nothing to do with Religion and nothing to do with Any Preacher. It is Christian. But, prior to being Christian, this is how the Ancients' obediance to the Almighty Creator of the Universe. By the way, since He knows your needs Better than you do, you will be very surprised. Others, who don't know your 'secret' won't believe you either. AND, the less you 'fret' about your situation, the richer you get and richer you appear to be. You do pay Income taxes on any income....such as a job, or inheritance.

Thank you so very much for this article and for your blog. I need a lot of help with financial things and being a Christian, I would like to ensure I am handling my finances, etc. biblically! This is wonderful! May God continue to bless you!

very sound biblical info! It's good to know that individuals still use the scriptures to please God in all they do when it comes to non-moral issues such as investing. I want to start investing in some mutual-funds and any wisdom I can get will be beneficial in this process as I seek to leave an inheritance for my children. Thank you!

Can anyone tell me if spreadbetting can be Christianly ethical when applied with Biblical principles ie: strict risk control;for survival of my family;not for greed or ego;willingness to pay appropriate taxes;putting into practice the intense stockmarket seminar paid from my savings;planning for longterm success not 'get rich quick';at 50 years of age I have become unemployable. Any advice would be appreciated, regards Virgil

Hi, I own a mortgage cmpany and I'm haveing a diffcult time getting people to embrace doing there job in more of a servant attitude than a profit attitude. Do anyone have any pointers on how to refocus the mindset of my office.

investing is just like finding employment or geting training for a line of work. you have to have ethics in the work u do as well as how u invest. and most people over look both

People make choices every day - where they work, where they spend and donate money...yet many do not consider the moral implications of invetsing. Do your investments match your values? If you are a Christian, do your investments oppose your Faith? Through your investments, you may be supporting the adult entertainment industry, abortion industry, or supporting the homosexual agenda. Take the time to find out where you are invetsing and make changes.

hi. well lets see, profiting from mortgages is sin. Let me explain...the Bible says that the borrower is the slave to the lender. when you issue mortgages, you are affectively enslaving people til death...and you want God to bless that?

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