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January 03, 2006


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Look like great goals to me. Of course, I would be happy with your 2005 results :-).

John thank you for the book you gave me while you were in Moscow, Russia. It was a great help to my financial understanding. Thank you so much. I believe you can reach you goals for your glog. Please tell the Blumes I said hi.

Those would be very lofty goals for me.

I just wanted to commend you on your site. I have book marked it and will be referring to it as I set my own long term fiancial goals. Thank you for allowing me to benefit for all your research and being of service to others. I have also included a link to your blog on my blog at thecommunityactivist so I wish you all the best with the increased traffic.

Dang man, I can barely maintain 100 visitors per day! I need to up my article quality and posting frequency I think. Those are great goals! Good work. Charity is good but too bad you're donating all the money, the blog could be a nice little side job.

I think it's fantastic that you're donating your revenues, not just your profits. That means it's actually costing you money to support the charity, because you have to pay for the administrative costs. Wow.

I wish that you can get your targets of high estimate. For getting 100 visitors daily is like a dream come true and you are getting more than 1000 visitors- that is way too cool.

Now those are some solid goals. And what is really awesome is that all that revenue goes to charity. I plan on doing that same thing soon. Great work.

The first post I see with numeric goals!
A great post. You sound like you know what you want and how to get it too. Very focused.

"The first post I see with numeric goals!"

I guess that's because I'm a money/numbers guy. ;-)

Wow, lofty goals! Good luck!

FMF, are you going to post your 2007 goals and a follow up to this one?

I was going to, but after I wrote it it just sounded like too much bragging to me (though I was just reporting the facts.) The summary is that I hit the mid to high numbers on all estimates except revenue, which I went over by a long, long way.

I have personal blog goals for 2007, but am not posting them for the same (seems like bragging) reasons.

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