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January 03, 2006


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Nice blog. Im actually in the process of doing this myself. Mine is a fairly detailed one, and includes (1) an Excel file listing everything we own, down to inexpensive housewares; (2) digital photographs of the more expensive property like jewelry, art, etc.; (3) serial numbers of expensive items like computers; (4) PDFs of receipts, warranties, etc (this is also part of a paperwork reduction goal I have); and (5) estimated values of every item on the Excel inventory.

This is proving to be an enormous task (since I am including things down to the Brita filter in the fridge, which presumably we'd need to replace in the event of a catastrophic loss). However it is very interesting also to see how much money we have spent over the years simply acquiring things. I frankly find it a good exercise to remind oneself about the importance of rejecting consumerism!

One additional side benefit from the insurance inventory, which didn't make your list of New Year resolutions. Your insurance inventory, once it is completed, should go into a set of "emergency survival equipment."

Yes, Im talking MREs, bottled water, medical supplies, firearms, etc. I started this project back during the Hurricane, and Im still not finished with it. However, I plan to wrap up both the insurance inventory project, and the survival gear project in the next few months.

It seems foolish to think that financial preparedness is more important than preparedness for physicla safety.

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