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January 17, 2006


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Am I supposed to post my thoughts here or on the review? I threw it on the review, but I can add them here on this post if that's what you meant.

I left my job last May and in December rolled over my 401(K) to Ameriprise from Vanguard. I just found your site today and am thinking I made a mistake especially since Ameriprise doesn't seem to have the 3 top type of funds both you and J.B.Quinn recommend. Should I switch or are there companies that allow me to invest an individual with only $1500?

As I am now a a home mommy (not married) at least for the next 6 months with a interest in opening my own home based business in about 8 months what other type of accounts should i put some money in that i would be able to withdraw on in 6 months? Also, do you know of Insurance companies that insure unemployed people?

Blaine --

You're good (and entered into the giveaway).

YSG --

Sounds like you need a financial planner (or someone who has specific financial planning knowledge) to meet with you and go over your specific situation. Ask your friends/family for recommendations on who they use to find someone in your area that can help.


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