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January 24, 2006


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Free is my favorite word.

I would still love to read it so I'm trying again!

I can think of some favorite words other than free, but I am a fan of it...

Free is always best in my book =))

Pick me!

i need some money help, and certainly dont want to spend more money on a book, so a free one would be nice :)

can i win on day 2???? hope so...

Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

Second chance drawing.

Just thinking about reading this book makes me hot.

Not to take the copout response, but I am a salesman; it is almost imperitive that I misquote people in order to make my point. I think that they take away my merit badge if I fail to do so.

Of course, having done so and now basically offering an apology is an excellent segue to putting my name in the pot for the second go around...

I'd love to read it, especially since it is free!

Hopefully the second time is a charm! Thanks for doing this!

Free is always good, here's wishing myself luck!

I'd like a free book.

Trying Again!

Sweet Free stuff rocks!

Tyson is one of the better personal finance writers out there. No nonsense and very practical. For that reason alone, he won't make the best seller list. He doesn't have a special technique or headline-grabbing catch phrase to sell books. Only good, solid advice. Read his books.

I would loove to be randomly chosen to win. :)

Would love to read it after reading your review...

Let's try this again. I would be honored to get this book.

Day 2 - posting on the correct thread - good to go. :-)

I'm in it to win it. No whammies!

thank you for the opportunity. all the best.

Would love to win it. Thanks for the chance.

I hope you have more give-away books. Thanks for the opportunity.

Thanks for running this contest.

Well, I didn't win on my birthday (Monday), so here's for another try. I've read some of Tyson's other personal finance books and found them to be good reads. Thanks, FMF, for a great blog!

Hope I can win.

Would love that Eric Tyson book. Thanks for the chance :)

Would be a nice read I'm sure. Thanks!

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