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January 26, 2006


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Try #4!

Two more chances for a free book.

I hope that I luck out. Thanks for the contest, FMF...

I'm in again. Missed yesterday's.

Wa-hoo! And just this morning I was thinking that I needed to start reading some of the personal finance books I'm seeing suggested all over the place. *Solemnly* This could be the day my life changes forever.

Trying again, and this time I'm putting my last initial so that I don't get all excited when another Kim wins. ;)

oi. try #4

trying again

Yeah a female won =)) Just kidding, here is going for chance #4

Yeah a female won =)) Just kidding, here is going for chance #4

sorry about the double posts! for some reason it did not submitt, then took me to a page I had to put in a code.... deduct one =)) (well two including this one)

I'm putting my name in again! Thanks.

That' it Lori, you're out - trying to cheat and all - Just kidding. Here I go on day 4!


A free book would be nice, and it can be shipped to my brother's home in Texas (he'll get it to me via interoffice mail, I love working for a large multi-national company).


Thanx for the opportunity to get a free book.

Thanks for the piece on the educational credit...although you say 2005 is the last year, this is the first year I can take advantage of it :-) Better late than never!

(Book Entry)

OK, shortening post to lessen chance of a spelling blunder (can I blame them on typos?)...Post number 4.

Back again for another chance.

I love contests :-)

Big money big money no whammy no whammy!

Here goes nothing!

Ok this is starting to get fun!

Thank you for the oppotunity of a free book.

Hi, I just started reading your site just two nights ago. Great stuff- and now you're giving me the chance to win a free book? Woooo.

I've been looking for a good budgeting tool- and I saw your post about YNAB. I took a look, and it's awesome. I went ahead and ordered it about 20 minutes ago.

Thanks again for the site, and keep up the good work!

Trying again

I would love a free copy - just got married and money's a hot topic

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