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January 27, 2006


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I guess this is my last chance :-(

Don't worry, Carol; it's my last chance too. If I don't win, perhaps I will stop by the library this weekend.

Ok lets here's going for my last chance...=))

Let me see if I can win:)

Oh man... I'm a big loser!

Hope I can win this!

Same thing as yesterday! Posty-post!

(Good idea, this drawing, by the way.)

Hello! I'm new to your site. I found you on Clutter2Cash's blog roll. I am on a quest to become debt free this year and have been reading all the information available on the money blog network.
Thanks for giving someone a chance to win the free book.
I hope I'm the lucky one!

Back yet again. Make me a winner!

Here's to hoping!

Last chance...Going for #5!

One more time...

3rd time's the charm!

Here we go again

Fifth time is a charm?

I'll give it a shot.


May as well try.

Thanks for the shot!

Hey, why not me?

Here we try again!


Here's hoping!

Give it another chance.


Trying again

Last chance...

One last chance! Thanks!

I just discovered your site. I am striving to make a solid fiscal plan and strategy for the future. I'm seeking/praying for information to try and understand/learn investing,e.g. stocks,annuities, etc. I don't understand the basics. Currently this is the major area where Satan is working against me. My fiscal confidence is very low. I save, and feel I am not investing it well. I'm greiving with the Holy Spirit. Can you provide any recommendations, books, etc.

Denise --

Email me (this link will tell you how: ) and we can discuss this offline.


I too hope that I win this!

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