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January 27, 2006


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This site is a completely free e-file (as long as you don't follow any of the "upgrade" links) that doesn't limit by any agi amount. It has a very intuitive UI, and checked for any potential errors (it definitely worked out well, as I received my direct deposit today).

I don't understand the govt's thoughts here. I can just send my taxes in the mail for free or I can pay to file them electronically. I would assume that it is cheaper and easier for the IRS to just get the returns electronically than to get them in the mail and have someone input the numbers into a computer (is that how it works?). I would think that they would want everyone to file are they just trying to make a few extra bucks off of us?

I agree RS, a total waste of taxpayers money continuing to hire people to take a paper return and load it into an electronic system, which is what I assume happens anyway.

They should be reducing their expenses at the IRS not increasing them and one way would be to bypass the "middleman" who enters it into the system or feeds it into a machine reader or whatever.

Cheaper to write software once than it is to continuously pay human hands year after year.

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