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January 27, 2006


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I like the spirit of their information, but I do not agree that food is a cost that you can't likely change -- it's my experience that people can make large differences in their food/grocery bills with just a small amount of effort, and huge amount of differences with a little more effort.

Second, I wish they would have even addressed the 911 issue with VoIP -- with small children in the house, we won't be going cell or VoIP only any time soon until I'm convinced they've got those issues worked out.

VOIP is definitely a good money saver. I have recently tried Sun Rocket ( and I must say that their installation procedure (self-install) is a breeze. Theyr instruction page clearly shows the different set-up cases with and without a router. The calls are crystal clear and cheap. I took the $199/- per year service package with unlimited local/domestic calling. This works out cheaper than Vonage ($25 per month for the same service).

As for 911, it comes by default. What I mean is that unlike Vonage, you dont have to call them or go to the webpage to enable the 911 service.

I plan to post a review of Sun Rocket on my blog in a few days.

I too found this information helpful but also agree that you can infact save money quite easily be reducing your grocery bill. This is one of the easiest things to do when it comes to cutting back on expenses. Just shop around, do a big shop when the sales are on, buy homebrand products and if possible buy in bulk.

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