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January 27, 2006


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Don't you think this type of traffic generation might hurt you in the future with SERPs?

It didn't seem to. However, I only did it for a short period of time and haven't used these sites in quite a while.

I used to surf these quite a bit and the effort is much better placed in adding content to the blog. The real trick to getting these to work for you is to get referrals -- then you get page views without doing anything if your referrals surf. Are those links in the post your referral links? If not, I can give you mine to put there :) Just kidding.

Blog Explosion is probably the best of the three -- it offers more varied ways to look at the blogs, and some of them encourage you to read them more than the others do.

What you say about the quality of the traffic is very true. It is possible to get a decent traffic base from these (I haven't), but you're surfing hours a day for months to get the 10-20k visitors a month, and only a very small fraction of them will stop to look at your site.

No, they are not affiliate links. And thanks for the "offer". ;-)

Hello I am in investigative reporter and I wish to have your views on the possibility or probability of earning while blogging.
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I've noticed on my stats that most of the readers that stay for more than a couple of minutes are from technorati, yahoo, or other blogs linked to me. Yes I get tons of hits from different traffic exchange programs, but the best quality traffic is from those 3 things above.

Great Blog.. I am trying your suggestion... hope to get some traffic

I have two blogs, one that I stared a few years ago and one that I just started last week. Last year I was using traffic exchanges a lot and I did get some readers out of it, but I was surprised from time to time when I would post something controversial or a general question, people from blogs that I had seen while surfing that I wouldn't have expected to be reading my blog (mommy blogs, right wing political blogs, food blogs) would comment.

That said, I just launched my new blog and I have to say that the traffic exchanges haven't really been delivering much traffic to my site at all. Take that and do with it as you will.

My site had been waiting for "admin approval" with Blog Explosion for over 3 months. They never responded to my "ticket" I created. There is no way to get a hold of them for real apparently. Well, they're down now anyway. Good riddance.

Blog Explosion is back up and it didn't take more then a day to have both of my blogs reviewed and approved. I don't think I'm getting the traffic I'd prefer, however I have noticed I'm the only one in my niche on the exchanges so Hopefully that helps.

oh dear! makes me nervous... what to do, my blog is only 6 days old, and I joined blog clicker yesterday, I guess could try a few exchanges for a few days, then leave them alone and concentrate more on getting more content onto my blog instead - have only 10 posts so far for people to comment on, but at least quite a wide variety of subjects - hope that helps!

it would had saved me a lot of headaches. Great post for guiding beginners. Thanks for sharing!

Actually, I should thanks for this post because it gave me a new direction for designing a new technique, as I assume, would’ve been synchronized with my ultimate objective of "Huge Readers into my Blog" in soon future.

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