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January 26, 2006


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Okay, you've convinced. I'll propose to her as soon as I get home...

I keep asking my wife of five months where her dowry is. She looks at me with sad little eyes and a trembling lip and says, "My dowry is full of my love!" Awwww.

I guess once she gets out of college we'll be in this group of financially happy married people, too.

The wife's dowry was more for her than for you anyway. Historically all of the marital property would be yours and her dowry was a form of safety net that her family provided in case you did not turn out to be a good husband. A dowry full of love would not feed her in the event that you turned into a degenerate alcoholic, so I guess as a dowry it fails. As a marital asset though it is priceless.

I have a friend who's key to financial wealth is "One spouse, One house!"

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