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January 03, 2006


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There really should be more debt blogs out there - obviously an area within personal finance that is being under served.

thank you for these great blogs, i have bookmarked them. I am so sick of people brainwashing us on the 'importance of credit' and how living credit free can ruin your future.


Like most of you who visit these sites, I in the past experienced serious debt. I decided to do something about one day - i couldn't take it any longer...thinking that i have enough money and everything in control then i check my account and i'm about to have a heart attack! how depressing...i couldnt live like that any longer!

I know its hard but i just had to deal with it. searched for some really good websites and came across one which aimed to help people with their finances

there were great tips - all clear, without jargon and just made me more aware. i love their debt and lifestyle calculator! i was able to see what areas i could change/cut down on in my daily life (like not eating chocolate everyday = new ipod!!!yayayay!)

anyway try it out its great and hope it works for ya'll! let's combat debt!
hope to get some good responses!

Over the last three years I have paid back all my debt and cleared all of my credit cards. When I started it was a little hard but admitting to myself that I had a problem was a huge breakthrough. As I started to pay off my debts I actually looked forward to the next payment knowing that I was getting closer and closer to being debt free became and this became a great incentive.
Go for it and you wont look back.

I must say this is an outstanding blog. The comments and stories are inspiring in themselves alone. I am an expert in writing articles on debt related topics.

I've been in and out of debt, and I can say from personal experience that debt free is the best way to live. I have a theory about lifestyle--we spend too much to have to much to take care of! In the end, stuff can own us instead of the reverse.

I have been in and out of debt for over 6 years, It wasn't untill this last year when I set up a financial budget and really stuck with it did it work out for me...

Just adding a link to your blog from mine. If you want to link back, woo hoo!

I wish I was reading blogs like yours a couple of years ago. I've made many stupid actions money wise and now I am in a huge debt of more than a $1,200,000. I professionaly and personaly destriyd. My health is a wreck. I am in depression. All I have left is the comfort of the internet. I have created a blog to tell my story, in order to protect others from the mistakes I've done in life. Follow my life's story as it unveal in

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