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January 03, 2006


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When you publish list of blogs or RRS links, it could be a good idea to create OPML file to make subscription easier for us. Thanks.

Bummer. So I guess I lose my link on your sidebar now huh?

Bummer. So I guess I lose my link on your sidebar now huh?

The way it was listed before (60 or so blogs listed in one group), was a mess. I don't know how a reader could find a blog he/she might like. The current set-up seems more user-friendly to me for the readers visiting this site.

Perhaps you should disclose the fact that there is now a gang of five among PF bloggers, who have obviously agreed to promote each other as favorites while all the other links are relegated to secondary pages.
Free Money Finance
All Things Financial
Blueprint for Financail Prosperity
Consumerism Commentary
Five Cent Nickel

Perhaps you should have the courage to leave your name/blog site with a comment.

please feel free to delete the previous comment, I should have sent an email privately. I am not trying to promote my own blog site, I think it seems unfair for the sites with the most traffic to try to concentrate it among themselves while others that link back to them get secondary treatment. there are many good blogs out there and you are entitled to have your favorites but it looks suspicious that all 5 have the exact same favorites and only those favorites.

I have had some people contact me privately and I've explained as best I could why I'm moving things around. It would have been better if you'd approached me in that fashion as well.

The public version is that things are not done moving yet, so don't fret if you're currently not on the main page. Once it's clear to all what's going on, I'll be doing round two of changes which will see some blogs return to my front page.

That said, I won't be linking to everyone. First, I owe it to readers to offer them a choice, but not an unreasonable set of choices. No one can decide what to select if 60 blogs are on a list.

Second, I'll use criteria. Someone who posts infrequently, has sloppy quality, etc. is not going to get a link. I want to promote high-quality, worthwhile blogs that people are putting time into.

Finally, it's likely that I'll have a list of "new blogs" -- people that have been around less than three months. This will give them a chance to get started, but allow me to keep an eye on them as there seems to be a 50/50 chance that a blog started today won't last for 3 months.

"I think it seems unfair for the sites with the most traffic to try to concentrate it among themselves while others that link back to them get secondary treatment."

Let's be honest here. The reason it seems "unfair" is that you're not part of the A-List. Am I happy about this development? Not in the least bit. Would I have joined the group if I had been asked? In a heartbeat. Most of us would.

They are making prudent moves to increase their traffic and make their sites more popular. All of us are trying to do that. They aren't doing it on a lark. They are able to do it becasue they have been around a long time, have built traffic and are some of the most popular pf blogs. They've worked hard for their position and this is one of the benefits of that.

The answer is simple. If you want to be part of the A-List group, you work your butt off on your blog so that they want you to be a part of it. You show them that your blog being included won't only benefit you, but also benefit them. When you reach that point, you're on equal ground with them and then you'll be in the position to decide if joining the group is in your best interest.

That's where I find myself and I'm sure many of you that aren't A-Listed. But had I been in the same position as that group of bloggers (which I have been on my other site) I would have done the exact same thing.

If you do go ahead with a "new pf blogs" list I'd love to be listed ;)

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