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January 27, 2006


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So you do this professionally? This is a job I would enjoy. What, exactly, is this job called?

The first time I learned about a "spending plan" (when I was just out of law school and knew nothing about money management) it sounded like a good idea. But you're right, it doesn't help anymore! Now I just have to make myself do it :)

When i was studying in college, i really need to budget my money. I made a budget plan for the week and I went grocery shopping once and buy what is only needed for that week.

I need this program for my soul and thanks for the help pal..YOu are helping me one step closer to saving my own world

I love the way you address budget and for me i think it is the best way to be rich. If one discipline himself for a while i believe to become rich is made easier. merticulous planning and spending give one a sense of belonging.

I think now i had reach a new world ! your idea was so good to me ! now i can save more and more money! i think this site is cool and good for all ! tanks for your lessan

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