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January 11, 2006


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We're finally trying out online billpay this year; I found that our MBNA Visa lets us pay bills using the credit card. We don't earn reward points for bills, but it does let me consolidate most bills onto one credit card.

My resistance to online billpay has been that I don't like things being debited from my checking account, so using a credit card makes it a more interesting proposition.

I never puts checks in the mailbox... I have always been of the habit of putting the mail in one of the postal services big boxes on my way to work. The only ones near my home are at the post office and the grocery stores... but, I have always had one close to where I work.

I am finally getting started with online billpay, myself, because I was finally able to convince my wife when we read Automatic Millionaire. She never liked the idea of having things deducted from our checking account directly either, but we only setup automatic payments for our mortgage and vehicles. We do manual one-time payments for all of our bills, so we are still in control of those things.

As for Social Security... people need to give some support to reform. Allan Hubbard, the Chief Economic Advisor to the President is putting a lot of work into this, and it is all about freedom... what is wrong with having the choice of sticking with the Ponzi scheme and doing something else? I thought we were all about having freedom.

I don't put _any_ mail in my mailbox; everything goes into the big blue box on my way to or from work.

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