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January 31, 2006


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i just rolled $66.50 on Sunday.... it only took 6 months for that to build up!

Five Cent Nickel wrote about coinstar not too long ago:

As for myself, I regularly use my change for bus fare, for laundry, and for paying for things in exact change or to get bills back. I keep change in my truck for tolls, which don't get used now that my state is on EZPass finally, but pull it out for breakfast sandwiches and the like after I work out.

I would estimate that I have about $15-$20 in change at any given time, and that $10-$12 or so is in susan b anthony dollars and half dollars that don't get carried around regularly and so just sit in my fire engine piggy bank.

Think of all the money in the form of pennies that is sitting around not doing a single thing... eliminate the penny!

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