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February 03, 2006


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so i googled college savings and came up with a few websites that might help fellow parents get more information on how to save money for college. , and the first weblink will help you get more information about saving for college and the other 2 are resources to help you save. hope this helps you guys out, it certainly helped me out.

A radical idea: study outside the US. My daughter is studying at a prestigious Belgian college of music. Her tuition? 5,500 Euros a year for a Juilliard class education. No there are no dorms, but even with living expenses, we would probably save a bundle over studies in the US -and the degree program is only 3 years. Its just as true for other schools and subjects as well.

Just save it say to your self i have not got money.

Don't waste your money. Spend on something you can use like a car or put it in a savings account.

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