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February 26, 2006


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Hi, I enjoy your Sunday posts because they bring a different perspective than a lot of the other personal finance blogs I read have. I don't necessarily always agree, but I like reading them.

One question about this one, though. While these passages are on the surface about money, I think they're about much more than that. They're about being faithful with *everything* we're entrusted with, our talents, abilities, relationships, our whole lives.

Obviously this is a PF blog, so I understand the focus on the money aspect. But I worry that in framing these verses as relating only to money, we let ourselves off the hook too easily. What we do with our money is important, sure, but what we do with our lives as a whole is that much more important.

Julia -- You're right on both points: 1) I focus on money because that's what the blog is about and 2) there's much, much more to these verses than just talking about money. I'm going to stick with #1 to keep on theme, but wanted you to know that I agree with point #2

BTW, there are a lot of blogs out there who will cover these verses from different perspectives -- you may want to check them out. ;-)

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