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February 08, 2006


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Thanks for giving me a chance at the book.

Thanks for (yet another) opportunity to win a book.
When you buy some tinned food for a pet,
You don't know what you'll actually get.
With a large appetite,
Eating all day and all night,
You may simply get run into debt!

I actually like her books. They get down to the psychology of why we doing things.

Suze's kinda wacko, but a free book would be nice!

I'd like a book!

Didn't get lucky in your first giveaway. Maybe I can get lucky on this contest. Thanks for the chance!

Cool. Free is good.

free.... that's my favorite flavor!!!!

OK, time to bite again...

My boyfriend and I got into a "discussion" about Suze this weekend. I wanted to watch her show (nothing else was on) and he said she's a wacko who gives bad advice. He swears he once heard her say going back to college is a waste of time and money. Since he's now going back himself, this doesn't sit too well. I swear Suze wouldn't say anything like that, as she always tells her story about being a waitress until like age 29 or something and then starting over in a career she cared about. Although, the way she talks on her show drives. me. nuts (which is why I prefer to read her books), I still think she mostly gives good advice.

There we go again

Commenting for chance to win Suze book, as I have vowed to not buy any more books until I read the ones I already have.

She isn't the easiest pill to swallow on her TV Show. It seems to overshadow what she has to say. It would be good to read, maybe then her personality will not be a distraction.

Would love to get it for free too:)!

I like Suze Orman's book. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

**Crosses fingers**

Books are nice!

Pick me, pick me! I love her show.

a free book would be nice really!

Time to try on day number 2...
There was a young lady name Viva
Who was in the hands of a receiver.
Her business had gone smash,
She owed so much cash,
Of advice she was a non-believer!

Day 2 and still hoping for a free Suze Orman book!


Would love to improve my family life with the advice I get from this book, since
I'm new to the US.


Here's my second entry!

I want the book "girlfriend". Suze is so annoying sometimes. Her flirting with that stump of a guy on the show who reads her emails is kind of disconcerting as well.

And once again a try, this time for day 3. Thanks for the contest.
There was a young lady name Gillian,
Whose brother called her "The Silly Un'"
She worked hard to make cash,
No longer slap-dash,
She would be first in the street with a million!

Third time a charm?!?

Suze kinda annoys me with her financial advisor/therapist advice. But oh well, my first PF book ever read was her 9 lessons to wealth.

I love her show and her personality. The hell with the old gray-haired suits who just sit there and nod off, while telling us all a bunch of crap. At least Suze tells it like it is.

Suze rocks..I tivo her show every Saturday

Look, I'm even entering myself on a Saturday! Whee hoo!
An agent, a fifteen percenter,
Represented a small time inventer.
He invented an item,
That sold ad infinitum,
The agent is now an experimenter!


yay another entry! Ok, gonna watch Suze's show tonite

I want to win!

Count me in for the giveaway! Thanks.

I am eager to learn about money!

Another entry = another chance at winning Suze's book!

Again :-)
a free book would be nice really!

I have your tapes and watch you tv show when can. Great information

Another entry for the suze giveaway. see you tomorrow!

Another entry...

I missed yesterday; oh well. So it goes!
A soapmaker had followed his dad
Into business which had not been had.
Soaps plain and soaps scented
From an old warehouse they rented
They now export from Rom to Baghdad.

people first, then money, then things now you.. stay safe *wink* be back tomorrow!

One more day.
He carried credit cards around in a folder,
As he used them he felt so much bolder.
He could not pay his debt
When he bought a new jet;
He expected a hand on his shoulder.

Another day, another entry... Hoping for luck in the FMF Suze Orman book giveaway!

I admire Suze Orman for spreading financial competence. Just like this blog.

Last one!

More interested in lessons of life

I saw Suze on Larry King Live last night. It was a very interesting program!

I saw Suze on Larry King Live last night. It was a very interesting program!

I would love to have Susie's book so that I may give it to my daughter.

Thanks for your efforts.

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