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February 12, 2006


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Sorry, but, it's a pretty far stretch to compare sacrificing one's own life to giving monetary contributions to people, charities, churches, etc.

I do tithe 10-15% of my income to my church and various other organizations, but that is nothing compared to the sacrifice of Jesus, the sacrifice of Martyrs, the sacrifice of anyone who has actually laid down their life for another person or something else they believe in.

Mandy --

1. Compared to the sacrifice of Jesus, everything else falls way, way short.

2. I'm not saying that there aren't people who sacrifice tremendously with their lives. However, the people that sacrifice tremendously with their finances are, I believe, making just as great of an impact. After all, missionaries need places to live, food to eat, etc., pastors need churches that are heated, lighted, etc., ministries need to buy radio time, need staff to run them, etc. How could any of these exist without the generous donations of people willing to sacrifice monetarily?

I really like how your incorporate Christian values into money management. But I have to agree with Mandy. Giving money is not even close to laying down one's life for another.

I also agree with you that money providers for Christian or charitable organizations are necessary.

What do you feel about giving money to beggars. If you live in a city, you will encounter at least one beggar ever single day. What would Jesus do?

Alex --

I don't live in a city anymore, so I'm not confronted by beggars. However, here are my thoughts on if I did live in such a situation:

1. I'd try to find out if there was a church, food bank, etc. in the areas where I saw beggars and point them to that place.

2. If I knew I'd run into them every day, I'd probably strat carrying items like breakfast bars, packs of pretzels, dryed fruit bags, etc. to give to them.

3. If I had the time to stop, I'd offer to buy them some food/drink.

4. I would not give them cash -- at least not much. Many of them use the money for purposes that harm themselves, not help out the situation.

What do the rest of you think?

I do understand that missionaries, ministries, churches etc. need generous donations to exist. I just don't agree that my monetary sacrifice in supporting a missionary is anything equal to the sacrifice of that missionary if she lost her life doing that missionary work.

I am a single mother of three and I wish I had even a dollar to donate... I have been unable to buy diapers or milk for the baby... I know that it is the Christian thing to do to give whatever you have but what if you yourself have absolutely nothing and should be the one people are helping?
[email protected]

Christine --

I know what you mean. I was raised in a family (just me and my mom) that was barely scraping by for years.

First of all, as far as getting help, if you're part of a church family, that's the first place you could look and that's where I'd go. Sure, there are government programs, but an active, regular member of a church should be taken care of (at least in part) by the church.

As far as giving yourself, it's not the amount you can give, but your attitude/willingness to give. See the post I wrote here:

In addition, you can give your time to serve in the church. This is often needed as much as money, so I'm sure they would appreciate you volunteering.

Best of luck and blessings to you.

The Church community needs your time as much as your money if not more many times folks. Give what you have be it money, time or expertise, but give, and don't argue about semantics. Be a good steward to God and his communities and you are doing his work.


money is a commodity. It should not define who you are as a person. Personally, if my paster had used this analogy, I'd be furious at him and think that money was being used as a means of faith.

Ideally I'd love to see people be generous with both their time and money. If we already give 10% to further God's kingdom, why not make it a goal to daily give 10% of our time to God's kingdom as well. Whether that means mentoring the youth or helping out the poor, God wants us to be holistic followers.

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