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February 20, 2006


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I agree with you, but only to a point. I think it's probably hard to be happy if you're poor, stressing about paying rent or wondering where your next meal will come from. But are we talking about real wealth (like having financial independence or being able to leave a substantial estate to your family when you die) or are we talking about enough money to live comfortably? I fit in the latter category, which has enabled me to make choices that limit my income but increase my quality of life - in a sense, I am wealthy enough to do that. But I don't consider myself wealthy. I do consider myself happy, though, and I'm working on the wealthy without sacrificing the happy :)

i'm defnetly agree with you..but the thing is that if you are wealthy and you are not having good health and also you are not having much friends then what will you do? yes ofcorse you can live with your money. but u cannot find peace and happiness. and you cannot buy friends with your money. and if you are not so strong at finatially atleast you have yous friends with whome you can share your emotions and about money,you can get it from any source....
soo be happy as well as healthy.

thank you
hav a nice time..

i like very much one idea, that happiness is when you have 100$ a year more than your wife's sister's husband.

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