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February 21, 2006


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I did this just once and learned my lesson well. I had set some papers, including my paycheck, on top of my car. I saw them all blowing away in my rearview mirror as I drove down the street. I was able to pull over immediately and tried catching everything. A very nice person who was driving by also stopped and helped me chase. We managed to catch up with everything thank goodness and I don't put anything on my car roof anymore.

I learned the hard way about putting items on the roof, too. Now if I have to set something on the car I put it on the driver's side hood. It's impossible to drive away when your stuff is blocking your view of the road.

I've never had problems forgetting, but it's usually a cup of coffee I set up there while I'm getting my keys ready, and there's no way I would forget a nice hot cup of coffee :) One thing to point out, the ground really isn't a good place either. I knew a woman who set her bags down while they were loading up the van, and ended up backup over her laptop.

I'm not sure why but this is the sort of thing I do....leave a cup of coffee on the off...realize then....make a mental note to never do that again!

However...just recently I put phone on the hood (bonnet to us Brits) drove around a neigbourhood...and found my phone still there when I was frantically search for it...only because some one called was stuck thankgoodness and no harm done.

I promise not to do this again...until next time ;)

Never had this problem, because I am too short to put stuff on top of the car! I have put stuff on the hood/top of the trunk, but these spots are relatively easy to see once I'm in the driver's seat.

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