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February 24, 2006


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We installed a System2000 boiler in our home in 1999 and it cut down on heating oil consumption by 400 gallons per year on our 3700 square foot home. We averaged 2100 gallons from 1994-1998 and that fell to 1700 gallons on average 0from 1999-2004. I strongly suggest you research into Energy Kinetics and see how they can save you money. We moved this past summer and installed another System2000 boiler to replace a 30 year old boiler. I recommend you call them or look them up on the internet.

I am seriously considering installing an on-demand, tankless water heater. I think that will make a nice impact on my gas bill all year long... not just in the winter.

Before the System 2000 Boiler you were using 78,900 BTU/sq ft per year and after the System 2000; 63,900 BTU/sq ft per year. We have a natural gas system that uses 25,000 BTU/sq ft per year. Maybe there's a better way...

Regular filter replacements also keep your forced air motor from burning out too early in the life of the system from the reduced air resistance. I pay less than a dollar each for my filters, and at $12/year even for a single month's gain in motor ($400 service call) life, it's a bargain.

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